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For the past 18 weeks, bloggers and vloggers from Cebu have consistently created an output week after week. Out of the 31 who accepted the challenge, only 10 made it through the end without skipping a week of creating content.

Interested in finding out who they are? Check this list below:

10 Survivors of Cebu Weekly Content Challenge 2020

Let’s recognize the amazing content creators from Cebu who have superpowers to generate new content for their readers and viewers.

1. Aldrin Jake Suan (Aldrincore

Aldrin’s journey through the years is a challenging one, but I’m so happy he was able to survive everything… including this Cebu Weekly Content Challenge. Read through his blog to be inspired to become a better designer, content creator, and friend.

2. Alyssa Gucor (Lys Guch)

Lys’ vlogs are a good testament that you can find in Cebu. Join her as she explores the bigger world out there, and you’ll soon realize she’s definitely a good virtual friend to have.

3. Angel Villamor (Anjville

If you’re looking for a blog that narrates how the pandemic has made so much impact on her life, check Anjville. As a nurse who spent so much time giving back to the community and defending children’s rights, Angel is a testament that a blogger can be are good samaritan.

4. Jel Timporada (Pink na Baboy Diary

Don’t watch his videos if you’re hungry. You’ll just crave for more food… and it’s not a good idea. Kidding aside, explore the colorful food diary of Jel as he explores the amazing world out there.

5. Kobe Mahinay

Kobe is funny; no question about that. His flamboyant personality will make your day, and her adventures in life are fun to watch. From now and then, you’ll also learn something new.

6. Margrette

This beautiful Cebuana will show you the beauty of Cebu. Margarette focuses on beauty videos that will help you look pretty inside and out. She doesn’t just talk about beauty videos but also the things that will make us proud Bisaya.

7. Armie Garde

Armie’s blogs are fluid and versatile. She writes her thoughts gracefully like a yogi. Yes, she loves to do yoga as well, and you’ll be happy to read her blogs as she recalls memories that made her a better person today.

8. Philip Andrew Mayol (Skip the Flip

Don’t skip this blog; read this one. Philip’s words are more than just words; they’re powerful statements that will empower us, his readers. He writes about topics close to him, and you can read what’s going on with his mind.

9. Roneth Politud (The Fickle Feet

Roneth is a travel blogger that wrote about her experiences and places she’s been to. I love how she helps her readers figure out what to do in some of the world’s best tourist destinations.

10. Rome Nicolas

Yes, I also took the challenge and thankfully survived the 18 weeks without a miss. It wasn’t an easy one, and on top of writing weekly blogs, I managed the team and encouraged them to continue writing and editing those videos!

Congratulations to these awesome content creators who made it through the Cebu Weekly Content Challenge 2020. You’ll deserve to be read and watched by Bisaya here and abroad.

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  1. Congrats Rome! Congrats to all participants! This challenge made me realize that all I need is a push to create more content for my blog. I want to continue publishing content (at least once a week) from now on. This challenge helps me a lot especially in building good writing habits. I will definitely participate again. 🙂

  2. To the 10 Survivors of C3 Challenge, Congratulations! You are all amazing content creators who have inspired others including me to engage and commit to content creation. Though I was not able to survive the challenge due to priorities, this challenge taught me a lot about myself and from the amazing participants especially from the ones who have made it through. This challenge may be ending, but it is very instrumental in reigniting my interests especially in blogging and preparing for my future plans in creating content. Thank you also to Rome for leading the challenge and being a role model for everyone in completing this challenge.

  3. This weekly challenge is not new to me hahahaaaaa.. we had previous challenges from our past years of striving together as content creators and I had so much fun yet a challenging years for us. So great to be included on your list for this blog aweeeee….. Because of this challenge, I became the runner up for the Founder’s Choice of 2020 at BCBA! This challenge is not just a weekly mandatory, it’s just a ticket to achieve milestones.

  4. It’s 2020 and I’m already 32 yet I’m still sentimental AF. Well, some things don’t change. They only get better. Hahaha. Rome, this made me cry. I’m happy I survived the challenge with such amazing individuals. Thank you for the opportunity and I thank the Universe for giving me this chance to meet you all and get to know a little bit more about everyone. OMEDETTO GOZAIMASU, minnasan! Congratulations!

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