Do you have a professional community that listens to your struggles in life?

One of the lessons that helped me become a better entrepreneur is having a network of people who understand your business struggles and willing to help you. 

This 2020 has been a life-changing year for me, especially on my professional outlook in life. I am now a registered business owner in the Philippines and serving several clients to get profitable Facebook ads campaign.

Looking back into my younger self, I have always wanted to become a business owner but I never imagined how I will get there. 

I joined a local freelancing community that connected to a lot of people who I never thought I would ever be engaged with. It’s truly an opportunity that has made me become 1000X more than I was before I joined the community.

More than anything else, it’s the network of members that I’m most thankful for. This Filipino-based community has brought Filipino freelancers around the globe to connect with each other and share their struggles and experiences.

With that, make sure that you have people who you can trust and willing to listen to your struggle. Having a network of professional individuals who you can call (virtual) friends is a blessing. 

In a time when everyone’s attention is too limited, having a close circle of a network who is willing to helping you will not easy to find. When you meet people, they can either (1) help you, (2) needs your help, or (3) learn with them. If you can have these three people in your life, you’re already in a good place. This can become your secret to success.

Going back to the question: do you have your community who understands your struggle in life? If no, the world can become too difficult and it’s always a good idea to connect to new people who can help you become better.