If video is next-level content marketing, livestreaming is next-level video marketing. 

As a digital marketer, we use content to hook our audience and journey with them to become our customers. Video marketing is proven to be successful in getting our audience’s attention and convincing them to trust our brand.

We’ve heard about livestreaming a few years back, but this has become a norm due to the pandemic. I’m hearing more successful stories about livestreaming these days. 

In this short article, I’ll explain why this became such an impactful content marketing strategy in this mobile age.

On almost every platform on the internet, you can host a live stream with your audience: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and more! In fact, in the Philippines, there’s a dedicated livestreaming platform called Kumu that empowered content creators to monetize their content.

Success on Livestreaming?

The availability to easily create your livestreaming session is the main reason why many have seen success in this type of content. It can be tricky at first but once everything has been set up, doing it over and over again is no longer a pain.

For businesses, some online sellers have seen success in livestreaming due to the platform’s nature. When buyers are gathered and only limited stocks are available, people tend to become more aggressive in purchasing. It’s an exciting concept that has worked for some online sellers I know. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should consider studying this idea.

For creators, livestreaming content has become the next-level video creation. Several gaming creators have started to monetize their Facebook and YouTube channels. In contrast, I’ve heard some video creators on YouTube have started to ditch the platform and focus on Kumu’s livestreaming app. Monetization is seemingly looking great there.

Whether you’re either a digital marketer promoting a product or a content creator wanting to monetize your content, livestreaming is a type of video content marketing worth trying. Give it a go!