If you just started your journey as a Filipino freelancer, one of the questions that has been bugging your mind is most likely this: how can I start?

I also had that question several years back when I started mine. In this article, I will tell you how I could start my digital marketing agency from scratch.

Yes, I’m now a registered entrepreneur in the Philippines, and it’s time to start sharing my perspective with more Filipinos through this blog.

Let me begin my short story…

How I Started My Freelancing Career

After six months of working as a programmer in a local IT company after graduating from college with a BS Computer Science degree, I decided to become a digital marketer.

For several weeks, I taught myself digital marketing skills and applied for a company that luckily hired me to help their digital marketing agency. 

I started my freelancing career when I realized that my friends from Cebu Blogging Community back then earned a lot without having full-time work in an office. Most of them have salaries way bigger than I ever imagined. They’re living a life that I always wanted: work whenever and wherever I want.

My last office-based work was in 2018. Since then, I’ve been getting freelancing opportunities I found across the internet. Most of the time, I get referrals from friends who know that I help businesses get more clients and sales through innovative digital marketing strategies.

How I Learned Digital Marketing

Yes, I taught myself digital marketing skills. The fundamentals of digital marketing are self-learned through reading articles, watching videos, and enrolling myself in (free) online courses. 

One life skill that I’m good at is I can find the resources that I need in things that I do. I often tell people that most of the things I learned are a Google search away, but I realized not everyone is skilled enough to do their research and learn things on their own.

That’s still true today. I’m also blessed to be surrounded by people who understand what I do and help me with my day-to-day business struggles.

How I Improved My Services

The best teacher is experience. That cannot be understated. Online lessons, articles, and videos help us know the right things to do, but it’s always when we do the things on our own we learn best. 

With my failures, I was able to improve the services that I provide to my clients. I can determine the things that can be improved because I have already made mistakes in the past.

Each experience is always a blessing. The things we learned in our day-to-day life as freelancers or digital marketers or business owners will help us become better in whatever we do.

How I’m Surviving My Business

I just started my journey as an entrepreneur. I’m a part-time entrepreneur yet. My goal is to continue looking for more businesses to improve their digital marketing presence, but I should learn how to delegate. This is one skill that I must learn to survive my business. 

That’s how I got to where I am today. Your journey might not be the same as I did it, but I hope I could teach you something today.

If you’re an aspiring freelancer, seek help. There are people out there who, like me, are willing to help you reach your dreams. Yes, we can dream, and we should strive to reach for our stars.