Do you ever wonder how it is to implement digital marketing to your own business?

As a business owner, let’s say you have a restaurant. You have been surviving in your close-knit neighborhood through referrals from friends to their friends. But, welcome to 2020, everyone is encouraged to stay at home.

You’ve heard about this digital marketing strategy from a Facebook post, but you have no idea what is beyond the concept of “marketing through digital” in your head.

So, let’s say, the Facebook post about digital marketing that you saw is already an example of how it is done.

Facebook is a social media platform and, to be more specific, creating posts on these platforms to promote a business is called social media marketing. It’s under the umbrella of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the use of technology to promote your business online. Think of it as marketing done through digital platforms: internet, social media, website, video uploaded online, and so on.

Let me explain a 6-step guide on creating a successful digital marketing strategy that can work for your business to take advantage of the digital era today.

1. Create a holistic digital marketing strategy

When creating a strategy, your first step is actually to identify your customers. You should be able to create a customer profile while includes their identity and interests. 

This information is vital for identifying what kind of content will interest them to engage with you online.

This will also allow you to know where they hang out online: whether in social media, emails, or watching YouTube videos. 

2. Make a well-crafted content marketing strategy

Once you have identified your strategy on attracting your customers online, it is essential to know what kind of content will encourage them to engage in your brand efforts.

This is a crucial step because this will determine what message we can communicate with our customers to gain their attention and interest. 

Various content types include blog articles, photos, videos, and social media (which has its own strategy that we’ll discuss next).

3. Develop a social media strategy

After you have your content, it’s time to plan when to post this on your social media and how. 

As you may have already known, there are various social media sites that people use nowadays. Example: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and more! 

Each platform has its type of content that you need to know to maximize the engagement you get from those audiences on these platforms.

4. Improve your website searchability on Google

If you don’t have a website, consider investing in one. There are various to create a website but consider it as the front gate of your business.

It can be your online store or a way to make your customers understand your service/product that you’re selling.

Having a website is not just enough. It should be promoted and easily seen by people looking for your products. 

There’s also a digital marketing strategy specialized for this called “search engine optimization.” This will ensure that your website is visible when people are searching for your brand on Google and other search engines.

5. Optimize your website for conversion

When people are already checking your website, make sure that it’s not just any website.

It should be focused on getting sales and educating about your brand.

In digital marketing, we call it conversion-focused marketing. 

Our measure for success here is how many sales we’re getting those who have known our brand and visited our websites to check out what we can offer them.

6. Track your results and implement data-driven recommendations

Having a one-time success in digital marketing is not enough.

We should be able to repeat that over and over and over again.

This is where tracking our results come into place. We have to improve our performance. 

Using data to understand where we got it right and wrong, we can develop recommendations that can help us get into the next level of our digital marketing success.

Our goal is for our company to grow over time continuously.