DTI 7 Digital Marketing Course



Are you ready to learn about digital marketing that you can apply for your business?

Good News: I have an ongoing digital marketing course in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) – Region VII that you can enroll in for free. 

Live Webinar Series

Yes, that’s right! It’s an 8-session webinar on the DTI Region 7 every Thursday at 2 PM that started last week. This 2-hour free webinar session is targeted to local entrepreneurs who are considering or are doing digital marketing strategies on their own capabilities.

Instead of holding a traditional classroom setup, this online learning platform has encouraged us to be creative with our teaching strategies. The good thing that made this webinar is that it’s available on Facebook that those who have difficulty connecting to the internet during the talk can still access and review the lessons.

Online Course

As I was saying, it’s more just a webinar. It’s an online course that anyone can enroll in for free! We’re recording all our sessions, and we will also be providing handouts after each session for those who want to read more about the topic discussed. There will also be additional resources like links to articles, courses, and videos that I referenced in this online course I’m creating.

We envision this online course as the go-to digital marketing course for future entrepreneurs that DTI will help in digital. It’s a huge step that can be useful for the coming years.

Digital Marketing Topics

Here are the topics that we will discuss in this digital marketing course:

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. Knowing and Reaching Out To Your Target Customers Online
  3. Ecommerce: How to Sell Your Products Online
  4. Content Marketing: Using Content to Promote Your Brand
  5. Social Media Marketing: Using Social Media to Connect With Your Customers
  6. Facebook & Instagram Marketing Tips for MSMEs
  7. Facebook Ads for Beginners to Promote Your Products Online
  8. New Digital Marketing Strategies to Explore Beyond 2020

If you decide to join the next webinars, you will have a chance to ask a question during the session that I’ll be answering after the lecture.

If you’re interested, make sure to enroll for free at Digital Marketing Strategies for Local MSMEs today. If you know anyone who’s interested, invite them, too!

10 Responses

  1. Rome! I am reading this with excitement. As a small-scale entrepreneur, I am very sure that this course is very helpful for me. So for sure, I will really find time to enroll and study about Digital Marketing. This is such a coincidence, actually. I was listening to my bazi day master feng shui, and the first one suggested for me is to boost my learning and research capability! Digital Marketing will really make me stay up to the game. Thanks, Rome!

  2. Wait! This one’s with DTI right? No wonder I have received an assignment to blog about this and two posters have your face in it. Hahaha. I need to rewatch this. I am pre-occupied right now with my writing assignments lately and I was not able to check webinars. I will surely watch the video this weekend. Then, if ever, will send you questions.

  3. The topics are timely and relevant. Rome, I will find time for this, and I will share this with some of my business partners, too. I would love to learn more from your lessons, too.

  4. Super nice content coverage kaayo and webinars nimo and some topics from DTI recently. Been tuning in to some of your lives and loved that it’s really helpful to many too! 😍

  5. It’s great that you’re doing a free digital marketing course, Rome! A lot of people these days really need this, especially those who are just starting to transition to the digital world. Hope this encourages others to go digital too!

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