Do you find yourself consuming many videos on a day-to-day basis: scrolling through Facebook, watching YouTube, and even consuming Netflix content? 

Yes, one of the most effective forms of marketing is already video content.

But I also understand that while it’s effective, it’s not easy to produce. There’s planning involved and some technologies you need to be familiar with if you decide to create video content.

From a business perspective, video content is here to stay. This is one reason I’m considering to venture into video content creation, but I’ll outsource all the editing needs since I have no patience in editing video. 

There are video creators nowadays, especially on YouTube and Facebook, that are taking advantage of the technology. 

While vlogging (recording your day-to-day activities) is the way to go for most millennials and Gen Z who wanted to become a video superstar, there’s another way of increasing your chance of success. It’s planning your content and creating a video that answers a problem your target audience experience.

One of the best examples I have is Rea Ninja. Check her content and how she solves a problem that her intended audience usually experiences. She now has 140K subscribers.

I also consume video content about tech and gadgets. I notice that they have awesome content planning and a very time-sensitive content schedule. I’m wondering now how big the teams of these famous YouTubers that I follow.

I’m studying how these people create their content and working on how to tweak it to fit my routine.

Video Channel Project

When I started Bisaya Digital earlier this year, I already have a vision in mind. The specific action steps will continuously evolve as we get results from our current experiments.

Early next year, I’ll venture into another Bisaya Digital project: a technology channel and website. I’m still actually figuring out the details of the project, but it’s underway. 

I’ll start small, but I’ll make sure to create decent content that I can be proud of. 

Be on the lookout for this video project!