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In the years to come, 2020 will be remembered as that year when everyone stayed at home. 

I cannot understate the importance of technology during this time.

Without the internet, life would have had a different scenario. As someone who has not been born yet during the time of Martial Law in the Philippines, I cannot imagine how lonely everyone was during those years. No internet, everyone stayed at home… for years.

Hello Lockdown and Curfew 

March started okay until it was during the middle of the month when the Philippines decided to declare a lockdown. A few days later, the entire nation must stay at home and stop going to their offices to work, or else they will get arrested by the police.

It was an adjustment that many of us didn’t plan but obliged nonetheless.

There was also curfew implemented wherein the 24/7 convenience stores are no longer allowed to operate beyond curfew. Our usual lifestyle working at night was challenging at first, but soon we adjusted by buying a lot of groceries every other week. 

We’re glad that my partner and I lived in a small apartment in Cebu City, working from the comforts of our home. During the time that others adjusted with their work-from-home setup, we’ve been doing it for months ahead.

Dear Internet Provider 

Our biggest challenge during this entire lockdown is the internet. Our lousy internet provider can’t give us a stable and decent internet connection. Calling their hotline and getting it fixed take weeks, if not days.

We demand better internet services and hope that the government and the internet providers work hand-in-hand in implementing measures to improve the quality of our internet.

The Rise of Food Entrepreneurs 

We’ve also seen the rise of food entrepreneurs now that everyone needs to stay at home and cannot quickly leave their house to buy food.

Food startups like Foodpanda and GrabFood have experienced exponential growth during this time, likely adding more drivers to meet the increasing demand.

The implementation of the government policies has not been consistent across the country, and perhaps one of the most complicated set up was that of Cebu City. This added burden to the food entrepreneurs crossing borders to get the deliveries to their customers.

On Facebook, the meteoric rise of a group called Let’s Eat, Bai has become a phenomenon that due to this success they now have an app made to compete with the likes of other food startups mentioned earlier. 

Where will this lead us? More e-commerce businesses in the Philippines. More choices for the consumers. Hopefully better service due to competition.

Dealing with Mental Health

It’s not complete if we talk about technology without mentioning mental health. 

True enough, technology has connected people around the world in more ways than we know, but this connection has also led to a lot of challenges for some. 

During the pandemic, a friend of mine died and many have shared dark moments because of the toxicity in social media and how they perceived updates online. 

In my case, connecting with friends has been my way of letting go of those lonely times I feel empty. If without the means of keeping in touch with some of my closest friends, I can’t imagine how I would have survived the past several months since this pandemic started.

Apparently, this is not going to end soon due to incompetence in governance. 

Technology… Love or Hate?

I have always been a firm believer that technology is just a tool. Whether it is a friend or foe depends on how we use it. 

For social media, feel free to unfollow those people who are not healthy for you.

Use technology as a means to connect with the people you care about and disconnect from those who do not contribute to your overall wellbeing.

As for me, I’m just deciding what to order for tomorrow’s dinner because I’m still here stuck at home.

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  1. Hi Rome, I also have a love and hate relationship with technology like I love it because it connects to people, and give access to news especially these days. But I hate it because I can’t watch news on TV na because kids are in YouTube. Mas nice man unta mag watch news sa tv. And if the internet connection is bad, it’s twice the stress. paet! 🙂

  2. I agree, Rome, our internet connection is a challenge and it’s an ULTIMATE test of patience. It teaches us how to wait (sometimes in vain). Haha. Now that everyone is always online not only for social media, but increasingly for e-commerce, WFH, and business, we compete with others in bandwidth allocation. In general though, my relationship with technology is more love than hate. It connects me to my family, it makes me feel closer to home. It allows me to work remotely when I have to. Last year, I was able to realize my dream of spending time with my loved ones and traveling while working. It helps me reach more people and fulfill my life purpose. 🙂 My list can go on. Ironically, though, I enjoy more offline time than online. 😀

    1. I can feel the pain with the internet. I hope we the internet providers and government work hand-in-hand to get this done. Can’t imagine life without the internet from now on.

  3. Anything that is toxic, leave it. Anything that isn’t useful, throw it. Anything that isn’t helpful, ignore it.
    We should not dwell on the things that don’t matter.

    In these tough times wherein we have nothing to do, stay at home and follow protocols. It’s not easy to fight the invisible of our naked eye. It’s not easy to carry the burden of everyone. It’s easy to become a warrior.

    Before CoVid-19 was being politicalized. Well, there’s no coincidence in politics. Now, it became a business to some hospitals. Some are taking advantage of what we have right now and that causes the toxicity to sprout. What we can to with it is to covert it to positive energy. Though we can fight with it but what we get with it?

    Let’s make our day productive. Let’s make our day useful. Let’s leave that day with a smile. ☺️

    1. Politics affects everything in life. With good governance, services would have been better and people would have had a better of quality of life in this country. Unless people realize that, hope is lost. 🙁

  4. Technology is part of my life ever since I started to make digital art in Adobe Photoshop 7.0 in 2008 and also engaging people online in Frienster! whoa very tito is me na jud hahahahahaa.. Actually my love and hate relationship with technology is also part of my daily routine. Sometimes, I really hate being stuck in a situation that I cannot proceed to my work due to our very fast internet connection (I’m just being ironic this time hahahhaa). That’s why I can relate to any rant post about our slow internet connection. Second, technology is also a very stressful place because I got insecure sometimes. That’s why I tried many things to boost my confidence and not to feel that I am insecure anymore. Nagmowdel2x na sa instagram.. hahahahaaaa.. The good side of technology is to make our lives better and faster. I am thankful for online transactions nowadays because I can buy food through apps like Food Panda and GrabFood. I can also purchase tech accessories and essentials through Lalamove or Maxim. Online platforms is a convenient gateway to access your needs and it is really matter this time of pandemic. Good job, bes!

    1. I agree that social media can either be toxic or beneficial depending on how we use it. Happy to see your growth thanks to technology and continue what you’re doing, bes. You’re doing just great!

  5. I noticed during this pandemic i cant seem to let go of my phone because when im done with work things get pretty boring. glad new hobbies emerged like planting, and had more time to vlog! keep it up rome!

  6. During this quarantine, technology helps me a lot to do things I never tried before and continue doing what I need to do. It gives me access to important things on how to survive this lockdown (especially food and grocery deliveries!). And I agree with you that technology is just a tool and it depends on how we use it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Looking forward for more! 🙂

  7. love and hate as the same time

    -love kay without the internet wai sweldo haha esp the lockdown, lucky lang jod ta nga privilege ta to work from home
    -love kay foodpanda and grab are our bff, esp sa di hilig mag luto so mag sige nalang pa order, at the same time pabor sad ang mga riders kay naay ma income esp these days

    -daghan false news
    -the increasing number sa covid cases
    -and lastly, toxic people (lol)

  8. The saying that too much of anything can be a bad thing is always true and relevant. Everything in moderation, which includes our reliance on technology!

  9. It always have pros and cons with technology. Especially the internet. But for me as an OFW, it is very essential to be able to get in touch with my beloved family in my home country Philippines. It keeps me sane knowing they are safe in this extremely challenging time of our lives (Corona)

    On the other hand, It may not be good for kids using internet at every young age especially if parents and guardians have no time supervising them.

    During this pandemic, when most of the people are at home, It is a great time to spend more time with love ones at home than facing gadgets all day.

  10. So true, technology has brought many benefits to us. It allows us to connect to people who are important to us especially during this difficult time. With technology nowadays, social advocates can effectively communicate their message and even reach to wider people. I’m so happy many are able to leverage and find success especially by just using social media platforms. Though the sad thing about it is that sometimes it can be abuse like the proliferation of fake news – replacing meaningful conversations. The same technology that we love also brings us closer to toxic people and witness them how they use it as a tool trying to play our psychology as a nation. Sometimes, it’s really stressful but I have learned to appreciate and love it because as you said, it’s just a tool.

  11. I love how the technology help us united one another and internet really help us to have jobs even where at home. Let’s use it in a nice way 🙂

  12. I fully agree with what you said regarding the internet connection! It doesn’t get any better and doesn’t help us during bad days. But anyways, still thankful nalang pud na muwork gihapon sya bahalag hinay 😂 Leaves us no choice.

  13. There’s something to be said about the effects of technology these days. I love the fact that I can still talk to friends because of it. Here’s hoping we use technology to do more awesome things! 🙂

  14. I’m working with the LGU here in Camiguin and we have more than 100 registered online businesses. Truly this situation let people explore more to live life.

  15. I am not sure if I really have the love and hate relationship on technology because I was born in the cusp of its existence and its absence in this world. It arrived here in the Philippines in 1994, well I was in my 4th grade at that time. I can recall that my first encounter with the Internet was in the early 1996-ish when I step foot in high school. Maybe that’s why I am okay if I have Internet or not in a general sense. I just need the Internet so badly because of what I do. But I can survive having lunch or dinner without pushing my nose against my smartphone. I might take photos at the start, but I won’t waste my time still connected with the Internet while eating or spending time with people around.

    I agree about mental health when we touch base on technology. With what’s happening right now, I can still say that the Internet is a beautiful place, yet I can say it’s also a dangerous one.

    People close to me know that I still prefer taking down notes using a pen and paper, rather than typing them on my smartphone. Can I live without the Internet? Yes, but it will surely affect my living, my work, my source of income. That’s why I can say I am not really that sure about my love and hate relationship with technology. I still fancy getting the candy bar type of cellphone, in short, de pindot. It’s both nostalgic and comfort for me. This is an interesting topic. I might come up with a new entry on my blog about my thoughts on this one. Thanks, Rome, for a nice and interesting read.

    1. Looking forward to your thoughts on this topic, Philip. It is both timely and relevant and I’m excited to hear your word on the effects of technology.

      PS – I agree to your points raised but I’m also wondering what the younger generation would feel about the absence of technology… if it magically dissolves into oblivion. LOL

  16. Thanks to you, Rome, that I have a better glance of technology! Lolz! Yes, there were moments that I rant in social media because of government incompetence, there were also moments where I decided to uninstall my social media accounts and never opened it for days because it was becoming toxic. But I also learned to unfollow people, snooze notifications and the like. It is funny though that I learned to filter who and what I want to read because it preserves and saves my mental health.

    1. Yes, choosing your mental health isn’t a selfish decision especially now that people can’t be with other people physically and get over with all the toxicity there is in this world, Angel.

  17. Problem with gadjet/s, they can take away closeness. Even mealtime, all are doing their stuff looking at new updates post etc.

  18. Indeed, our internet providers could really make or break our quarantine experience. I remember when I needed to spend so much money just to make sure that I can join a Zoom call. I hope these internet providers would realize how important their role is in this pandemic.

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