How can I utilize Facebook to promote my business?

Since I started helping business owners on how to go digital, I’ve been evangelizing that companies like Google and Facebook are two of the biggest companies that shape the internet today.

In this article, let’s discuss how social media can help entrepreneurs scale their business. We will also look into how using Facebook Ads can help us target our potential customers on Facebook and Instagram.

On a Mission to Help More Businesses

In Cebu, I’m a part of Google Business Group Cebu (GBG Cebu) since about a decade ago and the community has been on a mission to help more business owners and entrepreneurs make sure of the digital in promoting their businesses.

Earlier this year, we started our digital marketing agency, Bisaya Digital, with my business partner to help more entrepreneurs scale their business to the next level using effect and cost-effective digital marketing strategies, especially using social media and Facebook ads. 

Dear Businesses, Ready To Go Digital? 

Whether you are a restaurant or a law firm company that survived years before the internet, you should know that in this new decade (and beyond), social media is a huge factor for your survival.

Businesses should invest heavily in digital transformation. In fact, COVID-19 has transformed a lot of companies to go digital to continue their operations in just a matter of a month or so. 

Meanwhile, digital businesses are seeing a drastic increase in their revenue this year. This can definitely be attributed to how the world changed during the past several months. 

So, are you ready to transform your business to be ready for the next decade? If you want to survive, you should definitely consider taking action. 

Using Social Media & Facebook Ads

The social media landscape is always changing but what you should know that Facebook is controlling the majority of the social media share. In fact, they own several other companies like Instagram, Whatsapp, and Oculus. 

People who have Facebook accounts have dominated the global population, especially in developed countries like the United States. 

In the Philippines, the majority of the population has also access to the internet, and some Filipinos who are not digital natives even attribute the internet to having a Facebook account.

This is why Facebook is still a dominant tool in promoting to your target audience.

Having a business page on both Facebook or Instagram is a good start. You should definitely pair with a social media strategy that focused on creating engagement with your potential customers.

Using Facebook ads can be helpful in making sure that your content will reach those people who need your services and products.

With these social media strategies, you can start your digital transformation.

But it doesn’t end here. I’ll talk more about this next week!