How do you usually communicate with your friends these past few months?

This 2020 has been one challenging year for many of us, especially those who like to talk a lot. I admit I’m writing this from an extrovert perspective, but friendship can be applied to anyone who has built bridges with others.

Imagine getting stuck in a room with four walls for the past six months.

I’m lucky to have a partner who listens to my daily rants, but what about others who live alone? I cannot imagine how mentally exhausting that would be! 

I messaged a friend when I was writing this. He has deactivated his Facebook and has kept only his Messenger to communicate with his friends. This way has been his only gateway to contact with the rest of the online world.

Here are some of the things that helped me survive this pandemic:

Meeting Friends Online

During the first month since the country implemented lockdowns, one of the things that we did with my friends was to have weekly online meetups. 

I cannot imagine a world without the internet. While it can be possible, many businesses wouldn’t survive this worldwide catastrophe if without any form of online communication. 

About a decade ago, texting was a mainstream form of digital communication. That changed when the internet became mainstream and social media companies have taken over the world by storm.

If you are not utilizing the power of technology to survive the solitude, I admire your bravery to live on an island away from everyone else.

Virtual Game Nights

During those virtual meetups with friends, we usually play Trivia Night. 

We’re lucky to have a friend who took the challenge of creating question sets every week, and the rest of us would just participate in the game.

There are online games that are easy to play, too. For example, we tried playing Skribbl and some Kahoot ready-to-play trivia games. 

These games are just tools to keep the boredom from your weekly hangout. 

It’s nice to something to look forward to during the weekend, right?

Take a Break from Your Friendship

While social media is helpful in connecting with friends, it can be challenging for some of our friends, too.

If you need to unfollow some of your friends for your mental health, don’t hesitate.

Social media is an avenue for you to connect with your friends. It’s not always a must to follow everyone all the time.

Consult a Mental Health Professional

When loneliness is losing your control over your decision, it’s better to find a mental health professional and talk to them.

Each person has different struggles in life but it’s not wrong to ask for advice from others. 

I learned from a mental health seminar I attended before that knowing yourself will be so much easier when talking to an expert who understands behavioral psychology. 

Virtual friendship can help alleviate loneliness. Depression and anxiety could be a more challenging battle to win… but not impossible.

Hang in there, friends. We can survive this pandemic!