Allow me to take a different approach as I write this blog post.

I wanted to answer some of the questions many have been asking in the past couple of years:

  1. Should I continue to blog when people are now watching videos?
  2. If I decide to blog, will I be able to monetize it?

Blogging in 2020

About a decade ago, a good number of people were starting to have a blog.

That includes me.

Creating a blog has been easy thanks to Blogger, Tumblr, and, most notably, WordPress.

During these years, everyone was blogging as a way of sharing their reality. Blogs have become an online diary.

As more and more businesses migrated online, bloggers have learned to monetize their blogs.

Sponsorships have become the norm.

The cost of maintaining a blog has increased, too. Domains and hosting server costs are growing year after another. Creating a blog takes so much time and effort. Photos and then videos have been part of the entire blogging creation.

Slowly, YouTube gained momentum, and several bloggers have found this avenue as an extension of their blogs.

Then video bloggers (vloggers) have dominated the scene of content creation.

Today, a decade later since that rise of the bloggers, we’re at a time when YouTubers are gaining a lot of recognition from the society.

But are people still blogging?

Some are still producing great content on their blogs. Written content is so much friendlier for them than editing videos.

That includes me.

However, I know several bloggers who have transitioned already to become vloggers. They’re now seeing new challenges ahead of their game.

Whether content creators are maintaining a blog or a video channel, I hope everyone remembers why people follow us: we’re here to help them in ways we can.

Monetizing Our Blogs

About a decade ago, bloggers earned a lot from their blogs through AdSense by displaying Google ads on their blogs.

Today, AdSense revenue has drastically decreased as Google’s focus on its monetization is now on YouTube.

Aside from this source, several bloggers also get sponsorships directly from brands in exchange for a blog post or a link.

Sponsored posts and link monetization are here to stay, but brands nowadays are more aware of what game they’re playing.

So, yeah, it’s more challenging to gain monetary compensation from blogging this time.

Here’s my tip if you want to monetize your blog in 2020 (and beyond): focus on providing value to your readers.

There are fantastic SEO resources out there that you can experiment with, and if coupled with excellent content strategy, you’ll be able to earn from this in no time.

Don’t forget that if you want to make your blog a passive income, don’t treat it as a hobby. It can never be a passive income if you don’t invest time to make it a useful content resource.

But, if you have a new blog like me, don’t be sad.

You can always go back to the reason why you’re blogging and focus on that.

Always remember: we’re here to help people in ways we can.

Thanks for reading this.

Hope you’re having a great day,